Facts About Zahra

Below are just 30 things I think you should know about me.
It’s not all exciting but then again, neither am I.

1. I am a confused lady on the wrong side of twenty

2. I pretend to know all there is to know about everything

3. My origins may be foreign but I have the beating heart of a Londoner

4. I am a journalist graduate and about to begin my studies to become a Personal Trainer

5. I have a Doodle and I love my Doodle! Doodle is my dog and Doodle is a poodle.

6. Money impress me…

7. Success impress me more.

8. I impress myself the most!

9. I’ve played ‘Uno’ with my mortality and I won

10. I don’t watch the news as often as I should

11. I read the Daily Mail more often than I should

12. I like being angry

13. Kids make me feel nervous

14. I talk even when I have nothing to say

15. My farts don’t always smell bad to me

16. Like most people I too suffer horrible anxieties

17. I will probably be a terrible girlfriend to someone but an amazing wife to someone else

18. I love it when it rains (but I have to be indoors with a cuppa)

19. I don’t know when it’s ‘in to’ or ‘into’

20. I have cold hands most of the time (and I don’t believe it’s because I have a warm heart – I believe it’s down to something less cute like blood circulation..)

21. I love watching cartoons

22. I don’t tell lies when I sleep

23. There’s an abundance of nail polish in my fridge but hardly any food

24. I want to write a book someday but not while sitting in Starbucks

25. I am always terrified of failing myself so I just give up on doing things entirely

26. I don’t understand the big fuss around caviar and oysters

27. I have never watched a full episode of ‘Made in Chelsea’, ‘TOWIE’ or ‘Glee’ and I hope I never will

28. I still like Spice Girls’ music

29. My mum always tells me to brush my hair (even if she’s not in the same country as me)

30. Like most women, I’m constantly trying to improve my appearance… I will let you know how it goes when I’m done


Find me on Twitter – @zahrapedersen

One comment

  1. I love Starbucks and write some of my silly blogs there. I like your list. I am new here so here is my easy list that tells it all. 80 years old. Married 58 years to my high school girl friend, retired from insurance claims management, and a Fundamental Baptist at heart. lol

    Merry Christmas,


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